Award Winning Cage-Free Boarding

Service Rates
as of  2022
for adult dogs
Drop-Off and
Pick-Up Hours


7am to 7pm Monday through Friday: 

Full Daycare 6+hrs)

One dog: $30, +$25/additional dog

Half Daycare (<6hrs)

One dog: $20, +$15/additional dog

One dog for a week: $125

$100/additional dog


Check out 11am, discounted daycare

is available until 7pm M-F

Dropping off anytime between 8am to 4pm, and picking up before 11am

One dog: $65, +$35/additional dog

a night


​5 day stay, you receive

a free exit bath 

​10 day stay discount, you receive one night free

We are in a neighborhood setting, we follow very strict guidelines when it comes to our hours of operation. Nonetheless, we are working with the dogs 24/7.

Monday - Friday:                      

7:00 am - 7:00 pm


8:00am to 5:00pm

Check-out at 11:00 am

covers morning feeding and playtime.

Boarding Late Day Check-Out/day of play:

Add $20 to final day if check-out is after 11:00 am.


Closed on Sundays to all foot traffic.

A $65 fee will be added if a Sunday pickup is absolutely necessary.


  • Cash, checks and Venmo accepted.

  • Payment is required at time of pick-up.

  • If someone other than yourself is picking up your dog, payment must be made at drop-off.

Holiday Reservations



Sitting Pretty will be closed for daycare during

Apr 15 at noon until 7am M/7

May 27 at noon until 7am T/31

July 1st at noon until 7am T/5th

Puppy pricing please reference our Puppy Program rates. We consider an unaltered dog a special needs dog and we charge as such. 

We charge a $10 fee per holiday, per family during the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. A deposit is also required for holiday reservations.

Due to our neighborhood location, we follow very strict guidelines and strive to be courteous to our neighbors.


All visits, drop-offs, and pick-ups are by appointment only.


All dogs must be on leash from the time they exit your car to entering the facility.

No exceptions.


Please call or text prior to any arrival, or call before you leave your home/office/etc., 

and advise us of your anticipated arrival time.


Our Entrance Gate is locked at all times for the security of our clients' pets.


If you see another dog at our entrance gate, refrain from approaching with your dog.

Wait until they are out of the area to approach our entrance. This is one reason why we require

you notify us when you are on your way.

Upon your arrival, we will meet you at the gate and invite you inside.


Please notify us if you are unable to pick up your dog on-time, so that we may arrange for feeding.


If someone other than the owner(s) listed on your dog's form is picking up your dog, email us in advance with the name/date/time they will be picking up your dog and your authorization to do so.

Notify them of our policy of calling/texting 5-10 minutes prior to arriving at Sitting Pretty.


Thank you for helping us keep all of the pets safe and happy.