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While you're away, you can have peace of mind in knowing your pet is in a home setting, enjoying a sunny yard and all of the comforts of home.


Doggie daycare is all about good fun and playing well with others. Socialization helps your dog play well with other dogs. We provide an outlet to expend excess energy, socialize, exercise, and remain active.

Puppy Care


Puppy care is between 16 weeks to 12 months old. Most puppies have had all 4 rounds of vaccinations with boosters given every three to four weeks until the puppy is about 16 weeks of age. Most Rabies vaccines are given after 12 weeks and/or at the time of spay/neutering. We consider puppies special needs because of the attention they require and charge as such.


We are experienced with providing care for dogs faced with challenges such as: diabetes, epilepsy, mega esophogas, cancer, vestibular disease, Cushing's, blind/deafness and orthopedic injuries. We can help provide comfort care for your terminally ill pet.

Cage-free dog boarding

Boutique Cagefree

Dog Boarding



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