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Overnight Boarding
We are 24 hours a day, seven days a week - to ensure that your dog is receiving the best care and is always looked after. 

Your dog will be supervised, fed according to your specifications, cuddled, and tucked in at night. Sitting Pretty understands what it takes to keep your dog happy as can be while you are away. 

After a full day of play and sunshine at doggie daycare, we end the day with a bit of TV and crash out in the living room or office.  Some dogs will prefer to sleep in a crate, on the couch, or in front of the sliding door, but others will cuddle up in a bed. We do our best to mimic your routine, so they are at their most comfortable. 

We do highly recommend multiple daycare visits before overnight boarding.


Cage-Free Dog


Cage-free dog boarding

Dogs with

Special Needs

We work hard for guests feel at ease and at home; we provide individual dog beds, cots, fluffy blankets and crates (if needed) to our overnight guests in our multiple indoor rooms.

Morning mealtime begins by 7:30 am with a second late afternoon mealtime around 4:30 pm, puppies get lunch with a nap. Owners are required to provide food for their dog.  If your dog requires oral medication or supplements, we will administer them at no additional charge. However, there is a $10/day surcharge for insulin and other types of injections.


Please prepare your dog's food and any supplements or medication as follows:

· Measure out the adequate amount of food your dog will need for their meals during their stay. And, add two extra days in case of an emergency or spillage.

· If enough food is not supplied, we will provide food at a starting rate of $3 per meal.

·No need to bag the food per meal.  We use measuring cups and will transfer your dog's food to a food-safe container specifically designated for your dog.

· Write your dog's first and last names on the food bag along with the amount to feed per meal.

· No need to bring scoops, bowls, can covers, or other items you want returned -- we have all these items.

dog in crate.JPG

Crate Sleeping

& Training,

or Den Kennel

We recognize that some dogs are more comfortable sleeping alone, crated, or in a secluded area. We are happy to accommodate this with one of our spacious crates.

One Flat Nightly Rate

$65 for one dog per night


$114 for 2 dogs per night ($57./dog)


$75 Puppies and unaltered per night


special needs by quote.

There are additional fees when special arrangements are made.

Therapeutic Care for special dogs

We offer stress-free home dog boarding for small, sensitive, or senior dogs.  We do our best to follow the same routine as you do in your home or as your veterinarian prescribes.



Boarding an older pet when you go on a trip can be quite stressful for you and your pet. Just like with senior citizens, older dogs can become set in their ways and are used to certain routines -- we maintain the routines and medication schedule your pet follows at home.


Surgery recovery

Sitting Pretty offers surgery recovery treatment when your pet is not able to stay in the comfort of their own home. We will provide special attention to a pet who is recovering from surgery or who is on medication. Sitting Pretty is who you call when you want more than a standard dog boarding kennel.


Unaltered Dogs

Sitting Pretty can accommodate well-behaved dogs that are unaltered, however we only accept them if you plan to neuter/spay them. If an unaltered female is our guest, we do not board unaltered males. Unaltered dogs are considered special needs canine guests and require a higher level of supervision, and we charge as such. Rates for unaltered dogs are by quote.


Puppy Care (6 weeks-12 months)

Puppies are accepted as special needs canine guests. The parvovirus vaccination is a requirement.

We understand this special addition to your family requires lots of TLC and extra nurturing to ensure that they are on the right track to becoming a happy and healthy dog. That’s why we have developed a unique Puppy Program providing the essentials your puppy needs during this crucial stage of development. Our program welcomes puppies who have completed their full series of vaccinations.  It is a specialized system which helps to watch over your "little one" with an endless amount of loving attention, one-on-one handling, individualized care, and hands-on activities. Puppies are considered special needs and we charge as such. Rates for puppies start at $75 a night.

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